​The Brine Cellar

The Brine Cellar will be at the Farmer's Market every Sunday from 11-3pm.  
Live foods have been a part of almost every culture in history-dating back centuries. Germany, China, Ukraine, Korea, USA and Japan are only a few examples of countries with a long history of live foods.  

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Diverse Culture

Benefits beyond great digestive health

Lacto-fermentation is a natural way of preserving foods, enhancing flavors and improving your health.  The texture, aroma, and flavor of any live food depends heavily on the degree of ripeness.  The longer a food ferments, the more soft, pungent, and "sour" it becomes.  Everyone's palate is unique, so degree of ripeness is personal preference, but the health benefits that live foods provide are universal.    

Endless varieties, amplitude of flavors and great health benefits.  Just a few reasons why we love celebrating live foods.  

The Brine Cellar will be a vendor at this one of a kind event! Come by to support your local vendors, and a great charity!  

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Celebrating Live Foods